All Natural Ultimate Malted Milk Balls

All Natural Ultimate Malted Milk Balls
5 Pound Bags
5-Inch Tubes
7-Inch Tubes
Gift Bags

Product Description

Our giant malt balls get an all-natural makeover, omitting the high fructose corn syrup but keeping all of the delicious flavors of dark, milk, and white chocolate

Product Specification

SKU Package Type Inner Packing Net Wt. UPC
650-01 5 Pound Bags 5.0 lb 20439065012
650-40 Cases 8 x 5 Lb. Poly Bags 40.0 lb
650-03 5-Inch Tubes 4.0 oz 20439065036
650-04 7-Inch Tubes 6.0 oz 20439065043
650-06 Gift Bags 6.0 oz 20439065067

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